European Journal of Medical and Health Science European Journal of Medical and Health Sciences European Open Science Publishing en-US European Journal of Medical and Health Science 2593-8339 Mechanisms Lead towards Improved Health: Massage with Earthing <p>Massage can alleviate the inflammatory process, help to accelerate recovery, and relieve pain resulting from muscular injuries. In this paper, we combine the idea of mechanotransduction (conversion of mechanical stimulus into electrochemical activity) using grounding in massage to investigate beneficial mechanisms. Grounding massage has been discovered to stabilize the physiology of the body, help reduce pain, inflammation, stress, enhance sleep, increase energy, and blood flow, and enhance well-being by connecting the body with the electrical charges of the Earth. Such effects are systemic and basic, and often quickly evolve. This process can reduce secondary injury, collateral sprouting, and nerve sensitization by modifying inflammatory signaling pathways, resulting in improved damage recovery and pain reduction or prevention. Research shows that grounding, when simultaneously combined with many CAM clinical practices, can offer great potential to improve their effectiveness. The paper aims to explain how massage therapy, combined with geographically and simultaneous earthing, causes a potentially beneficial and properly activated immunomodulatory pathway.</p> Madiha Khalid Jeremy Madvin Copyright (c) 2021 Madiha Khalid, Jeremy Madvin 2021-05-03 2021-05-03 3 3 1 5 10.24018/ejmed.2021.3.3.812 Research on Nutritional Interventions to Recuperation for the Elite Swimmer in the Period Preparation for Competition of 29th SEA Games at Malaysia in 2017 <p>The purpose of the study was efficiency the interventions nutritional to recovery and the requirements related to the use of food and food ingredients for health stability, promotion efficiency of the competition exercises of swimmer by through the indicators reflect about recovery: Hematocrits, Hemoglobin, Testosterone, Creatinine, Rest lactic acid, Maximal Lactic Acid, Creatinine, Blood Pressure, Weight. The results of the study show that, after 6 weeks of the experimental, the swimmer's health is well maintained, swimmer's fitness strength and ability to adapt to the physical training and the swimmer have won 8 gold medals at the competition at the SEA Games 2017 in Malaysia.</p> Linh Nguyen Thi My Thinh Do Trong Phuong Le Quy Copyright (c) 2021 Linh Nguyen Thi My, Thinh Do Trong, Phuong Le Quy 2021-05-04 2021-05-04 3 3 6 9 10.24018/ejmed.2021.3.3.813 Maxillary Sinus Mucopyocele: About an Endoscopic Management <p><em>Introduction: </em>Mucocele is a benign but expansive cystic formation, lined by a respiratory epithelium. When its content is infected, it is called a mucopyocele. It usually develops in the frontal-ethmoid complex. The maxillary sinus location is exceptional.</p> <p><em>Case report:</em> a 43 year old man, presented with chronic unilateral nasal obstruction, purulent rhinorrhea and anosmia. Rhinoscopy showed a bulge in the middle meatus. The computed tomography (CT) showed complete filling of the left maxillary with low-density mass. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) confirmed the diagnosis of mucpyeocele of the left maxillary sinus. Patient underwent endoscopic endonasal marsupialization with complete recovery.</p> <p><em>Conclusion:</em> Mucopyocele of the maxillary sinus is a benign rare lesion, however destructive. A radiological assessment is essential to guide the choice of surgical treatment. The endonasal route remains the reference treatment for this pathology.</p> Y. Lakhdar M. Hakimi O. Benhoumad Y. Rochdi A. Raji Copyright (c) 2021 Y. Lakhdar, M. Hakimi, O. Benhoumad, Y. Rochdi, A. Raji 2021-05-03 2021-05-03 3 3 1 3 10.24018/ejmed.2021.3.3.810